The Kitchen Hearth
The Kitchen Hearth

The kitchen or keeping room is the heart of the Dwight-Derby House. It is where food was prepared, served and enjoyed.

On cold winter evenings the men would arrive home from their work and sit on the settle in front of the fire to dry off and thaw out.

After supper socializing would begin: the men telling stories of their day, the woman listening and mending clothes and the children helping with the chore of churning butter.

A possible visitor might arrive with a story or two of their own travels. The likelihood of a musician stopping by with his instrument and performing was high as Medfield was a musical town at one time.

When the visiting was over the family would head for their bedroom chambers. On cold drafty nights they would stoke up the fire and settled in for a night huddling around the fire keeping each other warm.

Notice the beehive oven is in the rear, which means it was built before 1720. Medfield is very fortunate to have an example of a first period beehive oven.


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Main staircase to the second floor