Dwight-Derby House Families

Timothy Dwight received his Medfield land grant in 1650 and he is believed to have built his house in 1651. He was the tenth settler out of thirteen to receive such grants. Over three generations of Dwights the house has expanded to the size you see today. The Georgian front is attributed to Timothy’s grandson, Seth.

Five generations of Dwights resided at the Dwight-Derby House. Timothy’s great granddaughter Patty (Dwight) Metcalf sold the house to support debts accumulated by her husband, Jonathan Metcalf. This must have been a very hard and trying time for Patty.

Horatio Townsend bought the house in 1796. Mary, his first born child, married John Barton Derby in 1820.  But John left her by 1823 to pursue his political ambitions in Boston and her father gives her the Dwight-Derby House. She raised her two children in the Dwight-Derby House.

Ownership descended through the family for four generations. They rented the house out for a time and then, just when it seemed it would be sold, Timothy’s great-grandson’s wife, Margaret Eveleth Black, returns to reside at the Frairy Street residence. She is the last of the Derby family to own or live amongst its walls.