Dwight-Derby Shoppe


The Dwight-Derby House Shoppe made its debut in 2012 on Medfield Day and opened its doors again on December 8, 2012, for its first annual Holiday Shoppe. This was a very exciting endeavor and a successful one.

We opened our Shoppe doors again on Thursday, May 2, 2014, in conjunction with First Thursday events organized by members of the Medfield Cultural District

The concept of the Shoppe is simple: to buy from local artisans 148and support ongoing maintenance, preservation and development of the historic Dwight-Derby House.

We carry both natural and locally-made products as well as antiques and collectibles. We’ve had a great deal of fun seeking out a variety of local vendors and artisans and have hand-picked some unique items that are sure to please.

Stop by when we are open. Explore our treasure trove of delightful and distinctive items. An added bonus… You just might meet a friend or two while shopping.


Saturday’s once a month

except January and February


Saturdays once a month

1 pm – 3 – pm




Halloween Sale


Saturday, October 24



Giving Thanks Sale


Saturday, November 14


DDH santaDecember
Holiday Shoppe & Free Photos with Santa
7:30 pm – 9:30 pm Friday, Dec. 4
Saturday December 12





Artistic Creations by Cheryl O’Malley

Spooner Mug

Perfect for a verity of foods like ice cream, macaroni and cheese, fruit, cereal, coffee, hot Spoonerchocolate and much much more. It has a spoon incorporated into its handle which makes it ready for every situation. $15.00

Medfield Massachusetts Where History Comes Alive! 


A collage of five historic scenes of Medfield are incorporated in to the design of this mug including the Dwight-Derby House, Peak House, Kingsbury Mill, Meeting House and Medfield Town Hall.  It is available in black and blue backgrounds. $15.00 IMG_9659


This has been very popular.




Dwight-Derby House Note CardsIMG_9688

These note cards are produced from a watercolor painting created by a local artist Cheryl O’Malley. This image is also the official logo of the Dwight-Derby House. Eight cards in a box. $15.00

Dwight-Derby House Botanical Note CardsIMG_9691

There are four images of flora blooming on the Dwight-Derby House property. Day lily, peony, lilac and bleeding heart. Eight in each box. $15.00

Medfield Mug



This mug has Medfield Massachusetts artfully displayed over its entire surface. $15.00 This item has been popular.

Dwight-Derby House Etched Wine Glasses


This wine glass is elegantly etched with the image of the Dwight-Derby House. Perfect for a hostess gift of for your holiday table. This item has been popular.

Historic Medfield CoastersIMG_9678

These coaster display historic scenes of Medfield from watercolor paintings by Cheryl O’Malley $5.00




Dwight-Derby House OrnamentIMG_9694

An elegant 3D metal replica ornament of the Dwight-Derby House. A short history printed on card stock is included in each gift box. $20.00

Dwight-Derby HousToiletries

Dwight-Derby Gardner’s SoapIMG_9685

All natural rosemary scented pumice soap for soiled hands. Created by Becky Nolan of Walpole, MA. $6.00

Daisy Peyton Derby Bath SoapIMG_9684

All natural lavender bath soap. Created by Becky Nolan of Walpole, MA.


Shaving Soap for Men & Woman

Created by Becky Nolan of Walpole, MA.IMG_9687

George Horatio Derby Mens Brand Shaving Soap $3.00. Ceramic container $15.00


Daisy Peyton Derby Womens Brand Shaving Soap IMG_9686$3.00. Ceramic container $15.00